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所属行业: 电气/机械/设备/重工/机电  



英语专利工程师 - 化学化工生物类专业

英语专利工程师 - 化学化工生物类专业

6-8 上海 经验不限 本科学历 全职 招聘 1 人 年龄不限 更新时间:2017-11-18



Job Description

1. IP and R&D Strategy Support (知识产权与研发支持)
- Patent Analytics and Landscaping (专利布局分析): Analyze patents in a particular domain to highlight the R&D trends, evolutions, alternatives and competitive intelligence in various technology domains

- Techno-commercial Analysis (专利商业化/专利许可支持): Research based on patents, scientific literature and products in a particular technology domain to generate insights into the value of the technology, IP protection and overlap between the products and patents, licensing and commercialization support

2. IP Searches (知识产权检索)

- Patentability Assessment (专利性评估): Understand the technology and conduct searches on various patent and non-patent literature databases to ascertain the novelty/uniqueness of the idea/technology

- Invalidation Search (无效检索): Understand the patent in question and conduct searches to identify prior art to determine the validity of the claims of a particular patent

- Freedom-to-operate Study (自由实施检索): Conduct patent search to help the client mitigate the risks of patent infringement in a particular jurisdiction

Expected Qualifications & Skills

- Bachelor’s degree and above, majored in Chemical, Bio-chemical, Bio-chemistry, Material Science and Physics
- Good written and spoken English communication
- Strong analytical skills
- Responsible attitude and ability to complete tasks in a timely manner
- Well-developed interpersonal and active listening skills
- IP experience will be a plus;

- 本科以上学历,化工、化学、生物化学、生物工程、材料及相关专业
- 良好的英语读写能力
- 优秀的分析能力
- 认真负责的工作态度,能够按时完成所分配的任务
- 良好的人际交往能力,积极地倾听技巧
- 专利分析师:具有知识产权相关经验者优先

What you can expect

- A global platform offering systematic trainings related to intellectual property research, English communication

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