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所属行业: 新能源/太阳能/风能  





3-5 苏州-工业园区 经验1-3年 大专学历 全职 招聘 1 人 年龄不限 更新时间:2017-10-22



Under minimal supervision, sets up and performs a variety of tests within areas ofresponsibility where basic knowledge of the underlying scientific and engineeringfundamentals is required. Provides feedback regarding tests and data sheets. May plan tests,evaluate test results and report opinions and interpretations.
-Examines test samples and reads blueprints, schematics, wiring diagrams, measuring instruments, and operational instructions. Evaluates test performance and reviews test and construction data with supervisor.
-Builds and/or adapts setup and test equipment to new situations, based on data sheets and instructions from engineering department personnel. May direct staff in test setups.
-Operates designated machines and special laboratory equipment. Performs routine maintenance of designated test equipment and laboratory area.
-Receives instructions from and reports data to engineers and other laboratory personnel. May communicate with clients during the setup and performance of a test to demonstrate or otherwise illustrate equipment test methods and/or to discuss test results. May communicate with UL field representatives to discuss additional follow-up tests, samples, equipment, methods and/or results.
-Records observed or calculated data on appropriate UL forms and prepares data sheets and test reports. May plan tests, evaluate test results and report opinions and interpretations, as directed.
-Integrates continuous improvement concepts and techniques into all aspects of the job.
-Performs other duties as directed.

Job requirements:
-Good English skills in reading and writing. CET 4.
-Good communication and collaboration skills.
-1-3 years working experiences in lab with material testing is preferred.
-Bachelor or college diploma, major i

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