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胜斐迩仓储系统有限公司 Schaefer Systems International

胜斐迩仓储系统有限公司 Schaefer Systems International

所属行业: 通信/光通讯  



区域销售经理 Regional Sales Manager

区域销售经理 Regional Sales Manager

8000-9999 异地招聘 经验1-3年 大专学历 全职 招聘 1 人 年龄不限 更新时间:2017-11-19



区域销售经理 Regional Sales Manager1.负责公司货架系统、小型自动化系统(KLS)等仓库设备等产品的区域拓展2.负责本区域客户的开发、区域运营的策划制定及执行;上级主管汇报工作情况8.与客户建立良好关系,收集并反馈客户信息,满足客户需求,提高客户满意度并具备一定的销售管理技能;备丰富的市场运作技能、分析技能、组织管理及营销能力;8.能适应经常在外出差,有驾照。2. Responsible for the customer development , regional operational planning and implementation;
3. Handle customer coordination/support and management;
4. Handel project tracking, bidding and contract signing;
5. Propose suitable regional marketing operational mode according to the company's overall operating strategy;
6. Fulfill monthly, quarterly and annual sales target and regularly report to the supervisor;
7. Collect domestic and international market information on a regular basis.
8. Establish good relationship with customers and collect market information and feedback to meet customer demand and improve customer satisfaction 2. With rich marketing operational skills, analytical skills, organizational management and marketing ability;
3. Good customer development skills, customer management ability;
4. High enthusiasm for sales, proactive and can work under pressure;
5. Good communication skills, team spirit and professional ethics;
6. Strong Micro-software Office skills.
7. Good command of English in oral and written;
8. Willing to travel anytime if necessary ,Driver's license
9. Solid proven sales experience in industrial products or machinery, logistics equipment preferred.职能类别:销售工程师大客户销售关键字:销售工程师经理仓库货架仓储设备

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