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所属行业: 电力/智能电网  



Production Supervisor

Production Supervisor

4500-5999 无锡-无锡新区 经验3-5年 大专学历 全职 招聘 1 人 年龄不限 更新时间:2017-10-20



1.Be responsible for meeting the production goal, finishing the production task on time, coordinating the workers and the machines to improve the work efficiency.
2.Monitor and supervise the quality during the process. Participate in the analysis of quality issue and take right actions to solve or prevent quality problems.
3.Make sure that each employee gets optimal support to achieve maximum production quantity.
4.If any machine breaks down, make sure that the employee is activated.
5.Train and instruct new employees according to the position’s requirement.
6.At the end of each shift collect all Shift Production Quantity and Quality Log Sheet, and evaluated the Production Quantities, if any is not close to max, make a brief explanation on the Shift Hand over Form.
7.Make sure the all employee organize and clean their work stations at the end of the shift.
8.Handover the Shift to the next Shift Production Supervisor, info about any Issues, Status and Quantities.
9.Troubleshooting or assisting the maintenance team to solve the problems related to all the machines on the production line.
10.Other tasks assigned by Production Manager.

1.3 ? 5 years independent working experiences as production supervisor within a multinational company.
2.Bachelor degree or above.
3.Good English skill is preferred.
4.Willing to work on three shifts.
5.Candidates who live in New District are preferred.职能类别:生产主管

职位收藏 打印
职位名称 公司名称 所在地区 学历 工作经验 薪酬 更新日期 操作
Production Supervisor 生产主管 伊顿电气集团(EATON) 东莞 大专 5-10年 面议 2017-10-18 投递简历
Production Manager(生产经理) 秋时电子(深圳)有限公司 深圳/南山区 本科 5-10年 面议 2017-10-20 投递简历
CNC supervisor 超科林半导体设备(上海)有限公司 上海市/浦东新区 大专 5-10年 面议 2017-10-19 投递简历
生产工人 Production Worker 阿尔斯通高压电气设备(武汉)有限公司 武汉/新洲区 中专 1-3年 面议 2017-10-19 投递简历
生产技术员(Production Technician) 家利塑胶(上海)有限公司 上海市/闵行区 不限 不限 面议 2017-10-19 投递简历