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(SEWC)固件、嵌入式开发工程师 / Applicatio

(SEWC)固件、嵌入式开发工程师 / Applicatio

薪资面议 成都 经验1-3年 不限学历 全职 招聘 若干 人 年龄不限 更新时间:2017-09-19



- For our Digital Factory Division in CHENGDU,we are looking for a Application Engineer/ 固件、嵌入网开发工程师.1. Plan and estimate the time and effort of work packages assigned to him/her. Independently implement the work packages in a suitable way with balance of cost, schedule and quality, continues improvement for better solution.3. Deliver on-site and remote PROFINET technical training / presentation to customers or potential customers: R&D of manufacturers, OEMs & end users, etc. 5. Technical marketing support for PROFINET ASICs, development kits, software (stack), interface cards together with product support of PN driver. 7. Provide technical support and assistance to PROFINET product test and certification as required by local PROFINET test lab(s) 1. Deep knowledge on Ethernet, network, low layer.3. Programming Languages in assembly/C/C++/C#, developing environment and Tools (cross compilation, IDEs, gcc, etc.), working experience and knowledge in device drivers, TCP/IP/X.224 protocol stack and other embedded area, skills in modelling language (e.g. UML) is a plus. 5. OO design patterns and methods, SW Test methodologies, finite state machine and program optimization based on the hardware platform 7. Design of the hardware of embedded systems (Controller, Memory interface, Ethernet controller, etc.)
What else do I need to know?- If you want to know more Siemens job opportunities, please be free to log in our career website www.careers.siemens.com.cn 如需了解更多西门子职位信息,请登录西门子招贤纳士网站www.careers.siemens.com.cn职能类别:嵌入式硬件开发(主板机…)

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SEWC固件嵌入式开发工程师 / Applicatio 西门子工业自动化产品(成都)有限公司(SEWC 成都 不限 1-3年 面议 2017-09-20 投递简历
SEWC固件嵌入式开发工程师 / Applicatio 西门子工业自动化产品(成都)有限公司(SEWC 成都 不限 1-3年 面议 2017-09-19 投递简历
SEWC固件嵌入式开发工程师 / Applicatio 西门子工业自动化产品(成都)有限公司(SEWC 成都 不限 1-3年 面议 2017-09-19 投递简历
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