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所属行业: 工控/自动化  



Production support engineer 设备

Production support engineer 设备

8000-9999 苏州-工业园区 经验3-5年 本科学历 全职 招聘 1 人 年龄不限 更新时间:2017-07-22



1. Equipment
a. Responsible for machine management
b. Make maintenance and repair for machines
c. Check spare parts inventory for machines
d. Make maintenance plan for machines
e. Install and debug new machines
2. NPI
a. Responsible for NPI and prepare report related NPI
b. Translate and edit DMOs
c. Check that the machines and tools are ready
d. Measure production efficiency
3. CC analysis
a. Organize analysis for the pieces from customer complaint
b. Fill in 8D report
c. Train operators if the pieces are failure due to manpower reason
d. Follow up the corrective and preventive actions
4. ZBM1
a. Responsible for ZBM1 orders
b. Prepare documentations of ZBM1 such as test report etc.
c. Send verification results to HQ and share all documentations related ZBM1 with HQ
5. Train operators for new products, new process and safety operation
6. Other tasks assigned by production manager

1. Technical University Degree is required
2. Be familiar with safety production and ISO9001 is preferred
3. At least 2 years experience in production process and have equipment maintenance and design experience
4. Have Electrician qualification
5. Be good at Auto CAD and MS-Office
6. Be familiar with SAP is preferred
7. Fluent in oral and written English, CET-6 or above
8. Have ability to question assumptions
9. Enthusiasm and positive thinking
10. Good team spirit
11. Have good stress management and organization and planning skill
12. Have sense of responsibility and conflict management ability
13. Have sense of fairness.职能类别:工程/设备工程师机械工程师

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Production support engineer 设备 堪泰电子科技(上海)有限公司 苏州-工业园区 本科 3-5年 面议 2017-07-23 投递简历
Production support engineer 设备 堪泰电子科技(上海)有限公司 苏州-工业园区 本科 3-5年 面议 2017-07-23 投递简历
Production support engineer 设备 堪泰电子科技(上海)有限公司 苏州-工业园区 本科 3-5年 面议 2017-07-22 投递简历
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