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所属行业: 照明/LED  



工艺项目管理/PE Plant Project Manage

工艺项目管理/PE Plant Project Manage

5000-15000 大连 经验3-5年 不限学历 全职 招聘 1 人 年龄不限 更新时间:2016-12-08



1 Technical Tasks:
Project work:
-Participation at the "simultaneous engineering" process
-Planning and allocation of tasks to the employees of PE, specified by the requirements of the project
-Planning, coordination, execution (with the team) and ensure all through the work packages and the project identified assignment tasks within a project.
-Scheduling and coordination with project schedule
-Support the development with regards to production-ready designs
-Ensure an optimized production material flow planning
-Participation and implementation of FMEA’s (process/product)
-Ensure an optimized layout and equipment planning
-Contact to the Customer about all production-related issues in the project
-Plan and track the pre series production
-Assisting in the audit planning and documentation (process analysis, process approvals - PSO)
-Support in the implementation of capability analyzes
-Implementing of corrective measures change control Launch Coordination (Project start care product)
-Requesting of launch team nominations
-Coordination of the PE sub-teams (PE assembly, PE molding, PE surface, Logistic , Tool management) and merging of the launch team information
-Reporting in the project team and to the management at milestones

Serial support:
-Contact person with regard to production system during customer visits
-Contact person at evaluating long-term quantity increases, inquiries about the product after 6M SOP
-Support PE department at optimization of the serial production about using the ZPS methods
--->Synchronize processes
---> Avoid Mistakes
--->Standardize processes
--->Increase productivity
--->Qualify employees

with the aim of competitiveness increasing to secure site and workplace

2 Functional Qualifica

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工艺项目管理/PE Plant Project Manage 锦祥照明系统(大连)有限公司 大连 不限 3-5年 面议 2016-12-09 投递简历
工艺项目管理/PE Plant Project Manage 锦祥照明系统(大连)有限公司 大连 不限 3-5年 面议 2016-12-08 投递简历
工艺项目管理/PE Plant Project Manage 锦祥照明系统(大连)有限公司 大连 不限 3-5年 面议 2016-12-08 投递简历
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