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所属行业: 照明/LED  



注塑工艺工程师/Process Engineer Injec

注塑工艺工程师/Process Engineer Injec

1530-10000 大连 经验3-5年 不限学历 全职 招聘 1 人 年龄不限 更新时间:2017-02-27



1 Technical Tasks:
Process Engineering
-Production planning and process planning, as a basis for integrating new products into production
-Project management
-Supervision of Try out production
-Launch Coordination
-->Process development-->Technology engineering-->Integration management-->Production support

Production support / change management
-Process integration of procedures and products into production. This includes in particular the administration of master data, work plans including cycletime requirements, economic batch sizes, production plans, etc.
-Cause analysis and problem solving for problems during production
-Collaboration in creating, reviewing, changing and managing the process-and product - related documents for production.
···Participation in the test planning and documentation (process analysis, process clearances - PSO)
···Supporting the execution of interpretation of test results, failure analysis
···Initiation of corrective measures
···Change management including adaptation and maintenance of master data and production documentation

Integration planning
-Machine design, process and material flow planning, layout and operating resources planning, preparation of RFQ documents for machines and operation material, logistics analysis and conceptions for facilities and operating equipment, benchmarking and monitoring of manufacturing processes
Integration of production machinery and, and logistics processes in existing or new work structures, taking account of the parent plant development concept with the aim to achieve a cross-functional, process-oriented chain optimum!

2 Education:
-University degree, preferably technical degree (FH / TU) (plastic or material engineering, Mechanical engineering, automation

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注塑工艺工程师/Process Engineer Injec 锦祥照明系统(大连)有限公司 大连 不限 3-5年 面议 2017-02-27 投递简历
注塑工艺工程师/Process Engineer Injec 锦祥照明系统(大连)有限公司 大连 不限 3-5年 面议 2017-02-26 投递简历
注塑工艺工程师/Process Engineer Injec 锦祥照明系统(大连)有限公司 大连 不限 3-5年 面议 2017-02-26 投递简历
注塑工艺工程师/Process Engineer Injec 锦祥照明系统(大连)有限公司 异地招聘 不限 3-5年 面议 2017-02-26 投递简历
工艺工程师(Process Engineer) 希悦尔(中国)有限公司 上海市/青浦区 本科 3-5年 面议 2017-02-27 投递简历