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所属行业: 仪器仪表/传感器  



Metal Finishing Engineer - 铁器油

Metal Finishing Engineer - 铁器油

薪资面议 异地招聘 经验5-10年 大专学历 全职 招聘 1 人 年龄不限 更新时间:2017-03-23



Job Responsibilities:
-Partner with US Product Development on developmental product finishes (DCP’s). Set up finishing process with factory.
-Keep abreast of finishing trends seen in manufacturing.
-Develop clear understanding of WSI finish needs with product design, coating suppliers, and vendors accordingly.
-Enforce the finish approval processes in Asia to consistently carry out these required tasks across all metal items. These processes will:
-Insure all metal finishes can be manufactured.
-Insure that the finish approved can meet the WSI brand's legal and quality standards; plus, meet customer reliability expectations.
-Insure that metal finish specifications given to our furniture vendors and coating suppliers contain detailed technical guidance.
-Improve on our current MCP and MCS approval processes.
-Develop a close working relationship with coating suppliers and manufacturers.
-Develop and use consistent methods of communication to keep all parties informed as to the WSI finishing status by region (vendor production finish data base, new finish development tracking reports, etc.).
-Recommend effective processes and procedures to improve finish production workflow and results.
-Evaluate and appraise both coating supplier and vendor finish capability and performance.
-Ensure same coating system in multiple vendors within same region all match.
-Review and approve refreshed finish samples, master control samples (for finish and distressing execution).

-Minimum 8 years’ experience in metal finishing related technical job position.
-Complete familiarity with plating, powder coating, liquid coating finishing systems.
-Capability to do finishing panel/sample approval.
-Clear engineering logic. Can do effective and efficient c

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